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Hospitals in Saudi Arabia

Five hospitals and health centers across the Kingdom have been ranked among the 10 top hospitals in the Arab World, according to the Webometrics Ranking of World Hospitals 2015 conducted by Cybermetrics Lab. 

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center topped the list of 10, followed by Riyadh Military Hospital; Qatar’s Hamad Medical Corporation was ranked third while Saudi Arabia’s National Guard Health Affairs Hospital emerged fourth, local media reported on Tuesday.
Egypt’s Salam International Hospital was ranked fifth, followed by Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center for Cancer.

The Royal Commission Hospital in Jubail ranked seventh, followed by the American Hospital, Dubai; New Medical Center, UAE; and Egypt’s Ganzouri Specialized Hospital (GSH). Tawfiq bin Ahmed Khoja, director-general of the Executive Board of the GCC Health Ministers Council, was quoted as saying that selecting eight Gulf hospitals among the list of top 10 Arab hospitals, of which five are from Saudi Arabia, personifies the medical progress at these facilities. 

He pointed to six criteria that qualify the health sectors to achieve leading positions, which include the application of international quality standards, proficiency of the medical team, scientific researches, successful results of medical procedures, services provided, low rate of medical and treatment mistakes and training. 

“The initiative by Cybermetrics Lab is aimed at enhancing and promoting scientific research and encourage hospitals to provide best service to patients along with an emphasis on safety and quality standards” he added.


Al Jazeera Hospital - Riyadh
Prince Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital - Riyadh
King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Hospital - Riyadh
King Saud Medical City - Riyadh
Prince Sultan Military Medical City - Riyadh
King Fahad Medical City - Riyadh
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center - Riyadh
King Abdulaziz Medical City - Riyadh
King Khalid University Hospital - Riyadh
King Abdulaziz University Hospital - Riyadh
King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital - Riyadh
Security Forces Hospital- Riyadh
Al Iman General Hospital - Riyadh
Al Yamama Hospital - Riyadh
Dallah Hospital - Riyadh
Green Crescent Hospital - Riyadh
Specialized Medical Center Hospital - Riyadh
Saudi German Hospital - Riyadh
Dr.Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Complex in Olaya - Riyadh
Dr.Sulaiman Al-Habib hospital in Arrayan- Riyadh
Dr.Sulaiman Al-Habib hospital in Al Takhassusi - Riyadh
Magrabi Eye, Ear & Dental Hospital - Riyadh
Olaya Medical Center - Riyadh
Obeid Specialized Hospital - Riyadh
Kingdom Hospital - Riyadh
Riyadh Care Hospital - Riyadh
Riyadh Central Hospital - Riyadh
Riyadh National Hospital - Riyadh
Dr. Abanamy Hospital - Riyadh
Al Hammadi Hospital - Riyadh
Al Mashary Hospital - Riyadh
Al Mowasat Hospital - Riyadh
Wadi ad-Dawasir Hospital - Wadi ad-Dawasir
Armed forces Hospital - Wadi ad-Dawasir
Jarir Medical Centre Riyadh (KMCR)


King Fahad Specialist Hospital - Buraidah
Buraidah Central Hospital - Buraidah
Buraidah Maternal and Children Hospital - Buraidah
Bukayriyah General Hospital - Bukayriyah
Buraidah Paychological Health Hospital - Buraidah
Dr.Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital - Buraidah
King Saud Hospital - Unaizah
Al Wafaa Hospital - Unaizah
Ar Rass General Hospital - Ar Rass
Azzayed Hospital - Ar Rass
Muznib General Hospital - Muznib


Abuzinadah Hospital - 80 beds
Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital :Telephone: 12 677 0001 0966 12 677 0001
Al-Amal Hospital (Ministry of Health) Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facility
Al-Hamra Hospital - 200 beds
Al- Hayat Hospital - 120 beds
Al-Jedaani Hospital
Al-Magrebi Hospital
Al-Mostaqbal Hospital
Al-Mousat Hospital
Al-Salama Hospital
Al-Thagher Hospital (Ministry of Health)
King Fahd Armed forces Hospital
Bugshan Hospital
Dr. Bakhsh Hospital
Dr. Daghistani Hospital
Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital
Dr. Ghassan N Pharaon General Hospital (GNP)
Dr. Hassan A. Ghazzawi Hospital
Dr. Khalid Idriss Hospital
Dr. Suleiman Fakeeh Hospital - over 500 beds
Eye Hospital (Ministry of Health)
hai aljamiah hospital [1]
Jeddah Clinic Hospital, Kandarah
Jeddah National Hospital
King Abdulaziz Hospital & Oncology Centre (Ministry of Health)
King abdulaziz University Hospital
King Fahad Hospital
King Faisal Specialist Hospital
Maternity & Children Hospital
New Al-Jedaani Hospital
Saudi American Hospital
Saudi German Hospital - SGH group
Dr Hala Essa Binladin Hospital
International Medical Center]] IMC imc.med.sa
AlMashfa Hospital [www.almashfa.com]
Eastern Province[edit]
King Abdulaziz National Guard Hospital, Al-Ahsa
SAAD Specialist Hospital, Al-Khobar
As-Salama Hospital, Al Khobar
Jubail General Hospital, Jubail
Kims Hospital, Jubail
Almana General Hospital, Jubail
Mouwasat Hospital, Jubail
Al Fanatir Hospital, Jubail
Royal Commission Hospital, Jubail
Armed Forces Hospital, Jubail
Al-Khafji National Hospital, Jubail
Al-Nariyah Hospital, Jubail
Al-Shibani General Hospital, Jubail
Al-Shifa Hospital, Jubail
Qatif central hospital-Qatif
Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Dhahran
Mouwasat Hospital, Qatif
Mouwasat Hospital, Dammam
Dammam Central Hospital, Dammam
King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Dammam
King Fahd Military Medical Complex, Dharhan
International Medical Center
Dar As Sihha Medical Center,Dammam
Mohammad Dossary Hospital,Al Khobar.(MDH)
Al-Sadiq Hospital, Sayhat
King Fahad University Hospital-Khobar
Southern Region[edit]
King Fahad Hospital- Al-Baha
Asir Central Hospital- Abha
Abha General Hospital- Abha
Abha private Hospital- Abha
The Saudi German Hospital- Abha
Mercy Hospital- Abha
Armed forces Hospital Southern Region - Khamis Mushait
Al-Zafer Hospital- Najran
Other regions[edit]
Royal Commission Medical Center - Yanbu
Dr. Erfan & Saeedy Hospital- Yanbu
Yanbu National Hospital- Yanbu
Yanbu General Hospital- Yanbu
Al Ansari Specialist Hospital- Yanbu
AL-Noor Specialized Hospital - Mecca
King Abdulaziz Hospital- Medina
King Fahd Hospital- Medina
Taif Maternity Hospital - Taif
Al Hada & Taif Military Hospitals- Taif
King Faisal Hospital - Taif
Dr. Noor Mohd Khan General Hospital- Hafer Al Batin
Al-Dar Hospital - Medina
Ohud Hospital - Madinah Al Munawwara
Prince Mohammed bin Abdulazeez Hospital(NGHA)-Medina
King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital (KAASH) - Taif

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