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Madinah is a Global City

An Egyptian pilgrim has described Madinah as a global city. Mohammed Dawood Jamal, who is on his second visit to the Kingdom, said: “My first visit to the Kingdom was for performing Haj. I am now here to perform Umrah and visit Madinah,” he said, adding that he feels honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the Prophet’s city. “In Madinah, I find peace and tranquility, and this city has clearly transformed itself into a global city as evidenced by the shopping malls, markets, stores, and luxury hotels,” he said.

He is full of praise for the Kingdom’s efforts to provide utmost convenience and comfort to pilgrims despite the ongoing development projects of the holy mosques in Makkah and Madinah. “I personally faced no obstacles in preparing for this trip or during my stay,” he said, noting the trip cost him about SR5,000.

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