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Geography of Jabal al-Nour

Jabal al-Nour (also Jabal an-Nur or Jabal Nur),which can be translated from Arabic(جبل النور),"The Mountain of Light", or "Hill of Illumination", is a mountain near Mecca in Saudi Arabia's Hejaz region. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mecca. The mountain houses the famed Ghar-E-Hira or Hira cave. The cave is quite small, four arm's length long by 1.75 arm's length wide. The mountain is barely 640m tall. It does however, take two hours to make it to the cave and is extremely strenuous on the individual. However, the mount and the cave hold tremendous significance for Muslims throughout the world. The Islamic prophet Muhammad is said to have spent a great deal of time in the cave meditating and it is believed that he had received hisfirst revelation from the archangel Gabriel, inside this cave from God.

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