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Saad Al Harthi

Saad Mish'al Al-Harthi - also transliterated Sa'ad Al-Harthi -  is a Saudi Arabian football (soccer) striker who plays for Saudi Premiership side Al-Hilal.


While he is a regular first team member at his club, he has to battle for a spot on the Saudi Arabia national football team. Recently he was chosen as a first team player, along with Yasser Al-Qahtani. He is nicknamed The Arabian Raúl due to the similarities in both looks and playing style of the famous Spanish footballer Raúl. On 14 March 2007, Al-Harthi was awarded the "Most promising Arab player" Award for 2006 given by the Lebanese Al-Hadth football magazine. [1]He proved himself in the AFC Asian Cup by scoring the winning goal against Indonesia. The 2007/2008 season has been a disappointing one for Saad, as he failed to score in numerous situations which could have led his team to victories multiple times. So far this season, he has been able to manage 7 goals, which is considered to be pretty bad for Saad, who has normally been able to score at least 15 times in a season.
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