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Jeddah Seaport

King Saud International Seaport (also called Jeddah Islamic Seaport) has an excellent location in the middle of the international shipping route[which?] between east and west.


The port lies on the Red Sea coast at latitude 21° 28' north and longitude 39° 10' east. It is the Saudi's principal port serving the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The port serves the commercial centers through which 59% of the Saudi's imports by sea are being handled[citation needed]. The importance of Jeddah Port increased and reached its maximum limit when Saudi Arabia was developing into a modern country.
The Port established in September 1976[citation needed], whereupon it started developing its facilities. The port has expanded from a modest 10 operational berths in 1976[citation needed] to the 58 berths of international standard in service today[when?].
Jeddah Islamic Port is a congestion free harbor[according to whom?]. It occupies an area of 10.5 square kilometers and its deep water quays provide an overall berthing length of 11.2 kilometers with a maximum draft of 16 metres[citation needed].
The port can accommodate the latest[when?] generation of large container vessels with a capacity of 6500 TEUs[clarification needed][citation needed].


647 A.D.


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