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Jabal al-Lawz

Jabal al-Lawz  (also known as Gebel el-Lawz) is a mountain located in northwest Saudi Arabia, near the Jordan border, above the Gulf of Aqaba at 2580 metres above sea level. The name means mountain of almonds.[2]Claims have been made by some writers such as Bob Cornuke, Ron Wyatt and Lennart Moller that this is the real biblical Mount Sinai. Archeological evidence of this includes the remains of an altar, 12 pillars with Hebrew inscriptions and several wells at the site of an encampment at the base of the mountain.[3][4]These have been rejected by scholars such as James Karl Hoffmeier (Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology) who details what he calls Cornuke's "monumental blunders" and others.[5][6] Gordon Franz has studied this topic in depth and has published a refutation of this hypothesis.[7][3]
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